Affiliate Program

Join us and earn commissions on sales!

The Little Sunflowers Affiliate Programme gives like-minded website and blog owners the opportunity to earn commission whenever a visitor referred by you makes a purchase from our website. We're currently accepting affiliate applications so if you have a children's fashion and family-friendly website and/or blog, we'd love to hear from you.

What are the Benefits?
  • 10% commission on sales
  • 30-day cookie, so your commission is earned up to 30 days after your visitor's first visit to our website
  • Detailed real-time statistics available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Easy to use banner code generator
  • A stunning, top quality collection of fabulous children's fashion to promote
  • Free and easy sign-up process.
How does it work?

When your application is approved, you will have access to banner ads and text links to place on your site or blog. If someone clicks through to via one of these links and makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking through, you will earn a commission on the sale.

How much Commission can I earn?

10% commission is paid on gross sales and our fab software (by AllAffiliatePro) will track and report on every ad or placement. Affiliates are then paid their commission monthly. You will have access to reports to keep track of your sales and commission earnings.

We currently pay commission via Paypal and affiliates are responsible for any Paypal fees incurred. Alternatively if you have a UK bank account we can make the payment directly into your account with no fees - please email us about this once you have signed up.

Is it difficult to do this?

We use brilliant affiliate software from our friends at AllAffiliatePro which makes the process really straightforward. For a preview of the basics, see Part 1 of our Video:

Why would I want to advertising Little Sunflowers on my website?

When you work with us you can be very confident that you're promoting high quality products and the best service out there.

With 10 years experience and the highest rating across our TrustPilot categories, you will be working with the best in the business and a team you can trust to get it right for your readers, time after time.

I want to sign up. Is my blog/website suitable?

As part of the sign-up process your blog/website will be reviewed and will need to meet the following criteria to be accepted:
  • be designed to a high standard and fully functioning with a professional look and feel
  • be a like-minded site to ours with a focus on related subjects such as children's fashion, family life, parenting etc
  • be search engine friendly with no dodgy/black hat/unethical SEO practices present
  • be free from the following inappropriate content: pornographic, violent, illegal, discriminatory (based on race, sex, religion, nationality or disability), or any content in violation of intellectual property rights.

Pay Per Click (PPC) restrictions

Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns help to drive traffic to your websites so could help you to drive more clicks through to your website and then to ours, which means more sales and commission for you. But please note that we run our own PPC campaigns in-house. If we are setting up adverts on our own name and so are affiliates, we will all be competing on the same terms and the cost to everyone will increase. To avoid this problem, all affiliates must please follow the following guidelines which apply to all search engines:
  • No affiliates may bid on the term Little Sunflowers, or any variation of this (eg or any misspellings of any of these
  • affiliates must not use or any variation as the display URL for search engine adverts.
Affiliates may however bid on generic keywords, for example 'kids clothes' or 'new baby gift'.

Any affiliate found to be in breach of these rules will be removed from the scheme and any outstanding commission or commission generated from sales in breach of regulations will not be paid.

I like the sound of this but I've never done anything like it before. How can I find out more about Affiliate Marketing?

With the help of top blogger Sarah Arrow we have produced a guide to Affiliate Marketing just for you. You can download it here.

Ready to apply? Sign up now.