Child Rescue Alert Service – be alerted when a child has disappeared

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Child Rescue AlertThe Child Rescue Alert Service (CRA) is a partnership between the police, the media and the public that seeks the assistance of the public where a child has been abducted and it is feared that they may be at risk of serious harm.

Last month, news of the abduction and rape of a teenage girl in Oxford made national headlines. The 14 year-old, walking to school, was forced into a car on a busy street in daylight. Whilst incidents like this are thankfully rare in the UK, they are very distressing when they do happen. If your child went missing wouldn’t you want the world to stop and look for them?

Child Rescue Alert is a nationwide system, run by the National Crime Agency, the charity Missing People and technology company Groupcall. It has the potential to save a child’s life in the event that a child is missing and believed to be at imminent risk of serious harm or death. Registration is free and takes just minutes to complete, online or by text. By taking 30 seconds to register, anyone could save a child’s life.

Child Rescue Alert aims to activate a fast time response to help find an abducted child before they come to any harm. There are four key criteria to be met before an Alert is issued:

– A child apparently under the age of 18 is missing
– There is reasonable belief that the child is in imminent danger of serious harm or death
– There is a reasonable belief that the child has been kidnapped, abducted or taken under the influence of a third party
– There is sufficient information available to enable the public to assist the police to locate the child.

A typical appeal will include the description of the child, a description of the suspected abductor and any vehicle they are driving, together with location details.

You can register to receive alerts at There you give your details including the postcode of your home and workplace, so you can be sure to receive alerts relevant to the area where you live and work. The Child Rescue Alert Service will then send alerts to you by text and email if you are registered in the relevant area. They only expect about 4 to 6 Child Rescue Alerts to be issued each year, and not all of these will be nationwide.

You can also register by texting the word HERO, together with your postcode, to 85050. If you text to register for Child Rescue Alert, you will be charged your standard text message rate as specified by your network provider. If you register on the website as outlined in the paragraph above, it is free. Any Child Rescue Alerts sent via text are free to receive, regardless of how you registered.

Stephen Fry is the face of the campaign. He says: “I am delighted to be the animated face of this campaign as I believe that Child Rescue Alert should be a national institution – something for everyone to find out about and sign up to. It reminds me of a fire extinguisher – everyone should have one ready to use at a moment’s notice but we all hope that we will never need it.”

The Child Rescue Alert Service is also supported by some large organisation including Royal Mail, Facebook, Google and the Press Association.

Please sign up today.

Glitter Snozzles Glasses Holders now in – sparkly!

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Glitter Snozzles Glasses Holders

Glitter Snozzles Glasses Holders have arrived!

Snozzles keep your glasses safe. We have stocked them for quite a while now, and now glamorous Glitter ones have been added to the range. They have a smooth tactile glass-like finish with the glitter particles mixed throughout.

Available in four glitter colours: Silver, Gold, Pink and Graphite (Dark Grey/Black with Silver Glitter).

Gold Glitter Snozzle
Gold Glitter Snozzle

With a recess in the top of the head for glasses frames to slot into, Snozzles look for all the world like the he/she is wearing them!

Measuring approximately 8cm tall x 5cm wide, your Snozzle comes in a transparent gift box.

The lovely colours appeal to little people but these are a lovely gift for grown-ups too. Ideal for dotting around the home and the office. Never lose their… or your… glasses again!

If your little person wears glasses or sunglasses and can never find them, these brightly coloured friends will keep their glasses safe. Pop their glasses on the end of his nose, then pop Snozzle on the sideboard, the bedside table, the office desk…

Sarah left this five out of five Star Rating for the Snozzle she bought from us:

“Purchased for my daughter when she got her first glasses and she absolutely loves it. This fits child and adult glasses and is really robust. Fabulous product and my Sister-in-Law has now asked me to get one for her too!”

You’ll find the full range of Snozzles Glasses Holders here.

Glasses not included (sorry).

Molo Year of the Monkey – Chinese New Year

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For the first time ever, Molo has launched a LIMITED EDITION collection to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This will be The Molo Year of the Monkey!

The Chinese New Year range is a fantastic capsule collection with very strong prints. It includes this cool placement Monkey in a Rayburn short-sleeved t-shirt shape:

Molo Chinese Year of the Monkey Rayburn
Molo’s Rayburn t-shirt for The Year of the Monkey

And a number of designs in the Molo Year of the Monkey print:



Molo Year of the Monkey

Molo Year of the Monkey

Molo Chinese Year of the Monkey

And a lovely design featuring a pair of monkeys and pink floral digital print. Notice how their tails are beautifully entwined :)

To complement the girls’ designs, Molo have produced leggings and skirts in shimmering Golden Glow for both babies and older girls:
Molo Chinese New Year Monkey




Retailers only found out about this Molo Year of the Monkey collection in mid-November. We have been warned supplies are very limited as not much was produced. We are expecting Drop 1 of Molo Spring Summer 2016 to arrive very shortly after this collection. So, if you’re a Molo fan, you can look forward to real treat over the coming days!

Online Retail Awards 2015 – Award of Commendation, Children category

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Guess what happened to us last night? We went and won an Award of Commendation (Children Category) at the Online Retail Awards 2015, that’s what !

Online Retail Awards 2015

We entered the awards way back in April 2015. We discovered in June that we had made the Online Retail Awards shortlist in two categories: Children, plus Fashion & Clothing.

ORA-AWARDThis is a HUGE deal for us! We are a small family business in sleepy East Sussex. Meanwhile the competition was steep, we were up against the likes of retail giants like Claires, Secret Sales, Warehouse and, of course, Toys R Us. Toys R Us went on to not only win the Children’s Category but also sweep the board winning Large online Retailer of the Year and the overall Online Retail Awards Prix D’Or.

Online Retail Awards 2015We are immensely proud to have been shortlisted in such dazzling company and, of course, even more delighted to have won an Award of Commendation in the Children Category, second only to Toys R Us. This came about at the second stage of the awards, when judges scrutinised the short-list of Finalists and decide the Category Winners and the Awards of High Commendation.

Thank you so much to the judges. Wow what a night!

Molo Kids Rainbow Hopla Jacket

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At Little Sunflowers we always take Molo’s iconic Rainbow outerwear jacket and for Autumn/Winter 15 it will be available in the Hopla shape in a winter weight.

For Autumn/Winter 2015, Molo offers an extensive collection of outerwear in its ‘Urban’ range and Hopla is part of that collection. Urban products measure up to the strictest demands placed on functional outerwear in Scandinavia and are recommended by the Danish consumer authority magazine ’Think’* (similar to the UK’s Which Consumer Magazine). The styles in the urban group have been developed based on several years’research and in-depth tests to ensure the optimisation of quality, lining and design.

Molo Kids Rainbow Jacket Hopla
Molo Kids Rainbow Jacket – Hopla

The Hopla Jacket is wind and waterproof and is highly breathable – among the best on the market. Breathability is important because this fabulous jacket draws moisture out, away from the child:

– Water column 10.000 mm
– Breathability 8.000 g/m²/24 hours

The outerwear is lined with 3M Thinsulate, which makes the jacket especially warm and lets the body breathe while still staying soft and light. This outerwear is lined intelligently, meaning that it is lined with fleece in the important places to make it warm and comfortable, and the nylon lining at the end of the legs and sleeves makes it easy to get on and off.
Molo Kids Hopla Jacket

The fleece in the jacket is high quality and allows the body to breathe. All seams essential to waterproof the garment are taped. The outerwear can be tumbled dry or placed in the airing cupboard at a low temperature. However it is recommended that you keep tumble drying or placing it in a drying cupboard to a minimum for optimal product care.

The Molo Kids Rainbow Hopla Jacket can be washed at 30 degrees. All printed colours including Rainbow are made from 100% polyester, with a 100% polyester lining and interlining.

Molo Rainbow Coat Hopla
Molo Hopla Jacket – Technical Features

As always, the gorgeous Rainbow coat has reflective piping and stars to ensure your child is highly visible. Always easy to pick them out in the playground in the winter gloom! Molo use a fluorine-free solution as a durable water-repellent treatment – they do not allow any harmful substances in their products. They have carried out several tests at independent testing institutes which have demonstrated that the waterproofing properties of their outerwear will last even after heavy use and washing.

We expect to take delivery of our Hopla Jackets around the end of August 2015. The price for the Rainbow Hopla Jackets will be £99.99.

*A scientific and independent test of Polaris suit performed by the Danish consumer authority magazine ’Think’ in September 2011 in which it was tested to measure how waterproof it was as well as its breathability, durability, weight, reflectors, design and also evaluations from occupational therapists, teachers and mothers.