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We’ve been talking a lot this week about the unisex nature of some children’s clothing and how some parents prefer to dress their children in gender neutral designs. Whilst gender neutral clothing is very much on trend at the moment, many Mums of girls still tell us that either they or their daughters (or both) love the girly look. And you don’t get much girlier than this Bob and Blossom Love T-shirt with Pink & Gold Spotted Party Skirt.

Bob and Blossom Love T-shirt with Pink & Gold Spotted Party Skirt
Bob and Blossom Set: Love T-shirt with Pink & Gold Spotted Party Skirt

When we first opened our shop in Wendover in 2004 we used to meet mums and children of all kinds. Some children couldn’t care less what they wore, like ours. Meanwhile their parents ran a children’s fashion shop… oh the irony. Yet some had strong opinions about what they wanted to wear from a very early stage.

I distinctly remember one Mum who came in the shop regularly with her toddler daughter and used to go out of her way to not dress her in pink. She used to talk about the fact that she didn’t want her daughter to dress in pink and was doing everything she could to discourage it.

As recently as 2004 you could go into any high street department store’s children’s clothing department, especially the baby clothing part, and be faced with a sea of pink and blue… and pretty much nothing else to choose from. I could well understand the desire to not dress all girls head to toe in pink, however since at that stage I had a son (and went on to have another), little did I know just how all pervading the pink thing was.

By the time her daughter was 4, this particular Mum was tearing her hair out. She would come in with her daughter who proceeded to choose everything pink in the shop, and reject anything that wasn’t. No matter what Mum did, daughter loved pink and pink was what she wanted. She used to say “I had nothing to do with this. You must remember that I did everything to discourage it in fact. How does this happen?” As I had neither experience of raising girls nor raising children who had strong views about what they wore: I had no idea.

This beautiful outfit would be perfect for that little girl. A 100% cotton Bob and Blossom Love T-shirt in marshmallow pink and gold which features a love Script in gold across the front. It’s matched with Bob and Blossom’s Gold Spotted Pink Party Tutu Skirt.  The rose pink netted skirt has a cotton underskirt for comfort along with a stretchy elasticated cotton waistband. The generous layer of gold spotty net gives plenty of twirl factor!

The pieces are available separately or together they make a beautiful party outfit.

Match up with some gold accessories if you really want to sparkle it up, as Bob and Blossom have done in this lovely image.

Bob and Blossom Love T-shirt with Pink & Gold Spotted Party Skirt
Bob and Blossom Love T-shirt and Pink & Gold Spotted Party Skirt matched with pretty gold accessories

I’ve often wondered how things turned out in that lady’s household after we relocated our business to Sussex in 2007 and didn’t see her anymore. Who gave in first, or did clothing shopping become a battleground from then onwards?

Do you have a daughter? If so did you try to resist the ‘pink thing’ with her, did you encourage the girly look because you are drawn to it yourself… or did you just go with the flow?


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    I tried to resist the pink thing. And then my youngest discovered it. So I immersed them in pink… A month later she become obsessed with black sequined clothes. To this day she has very gothic tastes! My eldest went through a phase of dressing like a hooker! Wedge heels, short shorts, cropped tops… Dresses held together with safety pins. It was awful, but she was only 6 at the time. By the time she was 8 she moved into track suits and never grew out of them… Sometimes I just wish she was like other teens and wear a hooker style dress 😀

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