After 14 years… it’s time to say goodbye

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Hello World

We have an announcement to make.

Much has changed since we opened Little Sunflowers childrenswear in October 2004.

Horam-ShopWe relocated our business to East Sussex. Some of you have become friends as well as customers over the years, and your children have grown up with ours.

Now our sons, one of whom wasn’t even born when we opened, are too big to wear our clothes. Many of the brands we used to stock, and competitors we knew and became friends with, are no longer around.

So now feels like the right time. Next month we will close the Little Sunflowers childrenswear shop.

Whilst this is of course a sad announcement, it is also a happy time for us.

We will be closing Little Sunflowers to focus on our second business, Almost Off Grid, selling home brew equipment and supplies. So you’ll still be able to find us online, just not in the usual place.

If you have had an account with us for a while, you may still have loyalty points. If you have earned a loyalty voucher, or are very close to earning one, we want to give you enough notice to spend it before the website disappears.

So we will be closing Little Sunflowers in just over a month’s time, on Sunday 7 October 2018 – which happens to be exactly 14 years since we opened our first little shop in Wendover.

We are not madly reducing current season ranges, as that doesn’t feel fair to the other shops who will continue to carry the torch for independent childrenswear. But we do have reductions on our site. Plus we are also pleased to offer you 25% off everything on the website from now until we close on Sunday 7 October.

Simply use the code GOODBYE to claim your 25% discount at checkout.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support over the years. It has been an absolute honour to serve you.

And we truly couldn’t have done it without you.

With our sincerest best wishes

Bev & Andy