Molo Black Flowering Caroline Dress Outfit – Get The Look!

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Molo has matched their Black Flowering Caroline Dress with Stefanie Baby Leggings in this amazing picture. We love it, in fact it was my favourite lifestyle shot in the whole collection!

Molo Black Flowering Caroline Dress Stefanie leggings
Molo Black Flowering Carolline Dress & Stefanie Leggings… how cute?

Molo’s Black Flowering Caroline Dress features an all-over floral print on a black background with black trim. Price £29.95, the dress is made from 90% cotton and 10% elastane for a perfect fit.

The Graphic Stribe Stefanie Leggings have black and white stripes and contrasting stitching and are £18.95. They are made from 92% cotton and 8% elastane for a good fit and a bit of stretch. With a comfortable elasticated waistband, this is a fab little pair of leggings which will go with lots of other things too!

The little girl is also wearing a Molo Graphic Bow Hair Band, colour ‘Purpur’. Unfortunately we sold out of these in about a day (note to self: must buy more hair accessories) but if you have a Google about you might be able to find one!

If you prefer to buy the Molo Black Flowering Caroline dress and Stefanie Graphic Stribe leggings together you’ll find the 2 piece set here.



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