Molo SS13 Beverly And Blondie Skirts – Get The Look!

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So the Molo Kids Spring/Summer 2013 collection is arriving in force, and mighty fine it is too!

Molo’s lifestyle shots are always lovely but they really have pulled out all the stops this season with some dreamy summer images. We’re just loving these two ladies rockin’ their Molo Summer Skirts!

For this fab look you will need:

Look 1 on the left:
1 x Molo Rolanda black striped frill top matched with 1 x Molo Party Pink Beverly Skirt.

Look 2 on the right:
1 x Molo Radinka cat top matched with 1 x Molo Party Pink Beverly Skirt overlaid with a Molo White Polka Dot Blondie Skirt and finished with a Molo Nannci Zebra Belt.

So stunning, we can hardly wait for the summer to arrive…

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