Molo Year of the Monkey – Chinese New Year

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For the first time ever, Molo has launched a LIMITED EDITION collection to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This will be The Molo Year of the Monkey!

The Chinese New Year range is a fantastic capsule collection with very strong prints. It includes this cool placement Monkey in a Rayburn short-sleeved t-shirt shape:

Molo Chinese Year of the Monkey Rayburn
Molo’s Rayburn t-shirt for The Year of the Monkey

And a number of designs in the Molo Year of the Monkey print:



Molo Year of the Monkey

Molo Year of the Monkey

Molo Chinese Year of the Monkey

And a lovely design featuring a pair of monkeys and pink floral digital print. Notice how their tails are beautifully entwined :)

To complement the girls’ designs, Molo have produced leggings and skirts in shimmering Golden Glow for both babies and older girls:
Molo Chinese New Year Monkey




Retailers only found out about this Molo Year of the Monkey collection in mid-November. We have been warned supplies are very limited as not much was produced. We are expecting Drop 1 of Molo Spring Summer 2016 to arrive very shortly after this collection. So, if you’re a Molo fan, you can look forward to real treat over the coming days!

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