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As parents, we can often run dry when it comes to finding new, innovative and of course cheap ways to entertain our kids. Whilst it’s often easy to just let them play on their Xbox or sit them down in front of their favourite cartoon, what we really want is a source to provide us with quick-and-easy and fun children’s activities.

Well, hurrah, because we have found a great source to do just that!

No Time For Flash Cards is an excellent website created by teachers and mothers to provide the rest of us with a range of accessible and easy to follow children’s activities, some for home-education, and some just for fun!

You can find activities by searching you’re your own particular criteria, but there is a handy and comprehensive Categories bar down the right hand-side which lists many types of activities (for example, Musical Activities, Flower Art and Treasure Maps). You can also find age-appropriate activities using the Crafts tab at the top, which lists craft activities by school age (it is worth noting

at this point that this is an American site, so you will have to cross-reference your child’s school year with America’s to make surethey’re age appropriate).

Here is just a quick look at some of the great children’s activities No Time For Flash Cards offers:

  • Paint Sample Flowers – a way of using those cardboard paint sample slips of paper you can pick up to create colourful paper art.
  • Family Photo Quilt – using photos placed on square pieces of card which are tied together at the corners in a 3×3 formation to create a hanging photo quilt.
  • Easy Hair Bow – a way of tying ribbon bows onto a hair tie to create funky new hair bows for girls.

These are just a very small collection of easy, cheap and fun children’s activities, so what are you waiting for?!

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