Molo Kids Rainbow Hopla Jacket

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At Little Sunflowers we always take Molo’s iconic Rainbow outerwear jacket and for Autumn/Winter 15 it will be available in the Hopla shape in a winter weight.

For Autumn/Winter 2015, Molo offers an extensive collection of outerwear in its ‘Urban’ range and Hopla is part of that collection. Urban products measure up to the strictest demands placed on functional outerwear in Scandinavia and are recommended by the Danish consumer authority magazine ’Think’* (similar to the UK’s Which Consumer Magazine). The styles in the urban group have been developed based on several years’research and in-depth tests to ensure the optimisation of quality, lining and design.

Molo Kids Rainbow Jacket Hopla
Molo Kids Rainbow Jacket – Hopla

The Hopla Jacket is wind and waterproof and is highly breathable – among the best on the market. Breathability is important because this fabulous jacket draws moisture out, away from the child:

– Water column 10.000 mm
– Breathability 8.000 g/m²/24 hours

The outerwear is lined with 3M Thinsulate, which makes the jacket especially warm and lets the body breathe while still staying soft and light. This outerwear is lined intelligently, meaning that it is lined with fleece in the important places to make it warm and comfortable, and the nylon lining at the end of the legs and sleeves makes it easy to get on and off.
Molo Kids Hopla Jacket

The fleece in the jacket is high quality and allows the body to breathe. All seams essential to waterproof the garment are taped. The outerwear can be tumbled dry or placed in the airing cupboard at a low temperature. However it is recommended that you keep tumble drying or placing it in a drying cupboard to a minimum for optimal product care.

The Molo Kids Rainbow Hopla Jacket can be washed at 30 degrees. All printed colours including Rainbow are made from 100% polyester, with a 100% polyester lining and interlining.

Molo Rainbow Coat Hopla
Molo Hopla Jacket – Technical Features

As always, the gorgeous Rainbow coat has reflective piping and stars to ensure your child is highly visible. Always easy to pick them out in the playground in the winter gloom! Molo use a fluorine-free solution as a durable water-repellent treatment – they do not allow any harmful substances in their products. They have carried out several tests at independent testing institutes which have demonstrated that the waterproofing properties of their outerwear will last even after heavy use and washing.

We expect to take delivery of our Hopla Jackets around the end of August 2015. The price for the Rainbow Hopla Jackets will be £99.99.

*A scientific and independent test of Polaris suit performed by the Danish consumer authority magazine ’Think’ in September 2011 in which it was tested to measure how waterproof it was as well as its breathability, durability, weight, reflectors, design and also evaluations from occupational therapists, teachers and mothers.

Bobo Choses AW15 Collection Preview – Sneak peek!

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The Bobo Choses AW15 Worldwide online launch is at 9am UK time (10am CET) on Monday 3 August 2015. Would you like to see a preview? Of course you would :)

Feast your eyes on these beauties…

Bobo Choses Fox from the AW15 Collection
Bobo Choses Fox from the AW15 Collection
Bobo Choses Feather Raglan Top
Bobo Choses Feather Raglan Top
Bobo Choses AW15
Fabulous Hares from the Bobo Choses AW15 collection

We will have the new season Hare, Troust, Horse, Mountains, Clouds, Birds, Moon, Feather…. in other words, this will be our biggest Bobo Choses collection yet.

We can’t wait!

The Bobo Choses AW15 collection launches next month
The Bobo Choses AW15 collection launches next month

Molo Kids AW15 Junior Boy Complete Collection – Drop 1

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Here is the complete Molo Kids AW15 Junior Boy Collection (Drop 1) – isn’t it fabulous!

Molo Kids continues to be one of our most popular brands from Denmark. Molo’s Autumn Winter Drop 1 was released in July 2015 and features all their new season prints including NY Dogs, Wolfpack, Carpark and Dirt Diggers. We just love this new collection.

Junior Boy designs from Molo typically start at European size 92 (age 2 years). The largest size produced varies depending on the design with the largest ones being European size 164 (age 14).

To view the images in more detail and to see UK prices, particularly if you’re finding the images take a while to load when you click on them, please visit our Molo Kids AW15 Junior Boy Drop 1 Flickr album:

Molo Kids AW15 Junior Boy Complete Collection – Drop 1

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And to buy from our current Molo selection simply visit Molo Kids at Little Sunflowers with free, fast UK delivery, loyalty points and exceptional personal service.

Fake Online Reviews

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There have been stories in the press over the past few days about online reviews and the Fake Online Reviews investigation by the BBC.

We welcome the news that the Competition and Markets Authority is to investigate whether businesses are posting fake reviews in a bid to unfairly boost trade, and whether it needs to clamp down on the illegal practice.

The business regulator said an initial study had unearthed evidence that businesses were posting fake reviews in sufficient numbers to warrant a formal investigation.

Fake Online ReviewsI was invited to appear on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC2 TV programme on Friday to talk about the impact good and bad reviews can have on a business, along with James Westlake from Trustpilot. We’ve worked with Trustpilot for 2.5 years and the reviews we receive on there, together with a number of other sites across the internet, as incredibly important to us. We’re lucky enough to currently be top of Kids and Baby Categories on Trustpilot with over 1,000 genuine customer reviews. Well when I say lucky… we work incredibly hard to deliver good customer service which I know everyone says about their business. It really is true in our case. We keep a constant eye on our reviews across the internet as it’s one of the key ways we find out whether we’re meeting our customers’ expectations and improve our service if we are not.

The revelations about fake online reviews in the past few days are disappointing, but not surprising. When we started trading over 10 years ago there were a handful of online review sites which were unmonitored and subject to real abuse.  Anyone could post reviews for their own business and others, good and bad. If your business was in receipt of a fake bad review it was difficult, if not impossible, to get it removed. And if your competitors were posting hundreds of fake positive reviews, it was impossible to compete with their online review ‘status’ unless you were prepared to join in by posting fake reviews yourself. We weren’t.

In recent years online review platforms like Trustpilot and Feefo have really shaken things up, in a good way. But there is always room for improvement.

Over the years we’ve been invited to buy Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube views, Instagram followers and site reviews. Sad, but true. Because there’s always someone willing to game the system, presumably to either balance out the genuine poor reviews they have so they look a little better, or to get lots of online reviews quickly so that a customer will choose their business over someone else’s.

All of us are incredibly short of time these days, and bombarded with communications. It’s not that surprising that only 1 in 10 customers invited to review a product or service is likely to do it, and you can see how tempting it might be to short-circuit that process. And there’s always someone out there willing to help you to do that for a fee.

And yes, we too have been threatened with a bad review if we didn’t do what the customer wanted. It’s very rare, but it does happen.

We’re very proud of Little Sunflowers’ reviews on Trustpilot and on other review sites and shopping portals. We’ve worked hard to get them, you’ve been good enough to leave them for us, and they act like a barometer to ensure we’re meeting your expectations. We carry out regular customer surveys for the same reason.

It’s a pity that a handful of others abuse the system because it brings into question whether reviews for sites like ours are really genuine. I had an email from someone who saw me on the Victoria Derbyshire programme on Friday specifically asking me how I could possibly claim our reviews were genuine. “It’s this dishonesty about authenticity which causes lack of trust. The whole review system is a fraud. But people are pretending otherwise. Please stop pretending! It’s very annoying and damages trust.”

As I explained in my reply, the reason I said our Trustpilot reviews are real is because it’s true. The overwhelming majority of the reviews of Little Sunflowers on Trustpilot can be tracked back to a orders because of the way the review request process works using order numbers which can be traced back to real customers.

But without order numbers it is far more difficult for other businesses like restaurants, hotels, b&bs etc where purchases are made by walk-in customers, often in cash. That means the business owner is relying on something to prompt a customer to leave a review (which sometimes isn’t a positive reason unfortunately), and that review is one person’s word against another’s as to whether they were ever a customer. I’m not sure how you could possibly know that every reviewer had actually visited your pub, hotel or restaurant, and it must be incredibly difficult for those businesses.

Small online businesses like us without a large marketing budget or advertising spend rely heavily on genuine customer reviews. They are sometimes the only thing which prompt a potential customer to choose one children’s clothing business over another when they have never shopped with either before.

Fake reviews are annoying and damaging to the genuine businesses that give great service. We can but hope that our customers can spot fake reviews but that’s sometimes hard to do, so we would always recommend consumers to not only look at online reviews for a business but also their Facebook page, Twitter feed and so on to ensure customer feedback is consistent, particularly when they’re considering purchasing large ticket items for the first time. Sometimes reviewing a company’s whole social media presence can paint a clearer, more balanced picture than online review pages do on their own.

Here is a clip from the Victoria Derbyshire programme (yikes, me on the telly).

The full programme including other news articles of the day is available on BBC iPlayer here until 18 July 2015:

Thank you for all your reviews. They mean the world to us and really help us to continually improve our service to you.

Bev :)


Online Retail Awards 2015 – we’re on the shortlist!

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Online Retail Awards 2015
Online Retail Awards 2015

The Online Retail Awards 2015 shortlist has been announced… and we’re on it!

We can’t tell you have thrilled we are to have made the shortlist in two categories: Children plus Fashion & Clothing.


The Online Retail Awards have 18 categories to celebrate great online retail sites in a variety of retail sectors, and companies eligible to enter are retailers who sell online. The word “site” is used to include web, mobile and tablet sites and dedicated “on the move” apps.

We feel honoured to be mentioned in the same sentence as the other names shortlisted. In the Children category Claire’s, The Letteroom and ToysRUs are also shortlisted. In the Fashion & Clothing category we are shortlisted together with Country Attire, Dalia’s Kaftans,, Warehouse and YOOX Group.

The overall winners will be announced in September. In the meantime we are simply delighted to have been shortlisted!