Super Easy Banana Mini Muffins

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Homemade Banana Muffins.  I need to bake 30 of them at retail’s busiest time of the year. And I’m a retailer.

It’s our eldest’s 11th birthday tomorrow. Birthdays in December can get a bit lost with the Christmas thing. Plus birthdays on a school day are not the best – who wants to go to school on their birthday?

So a couple of years ago I made Banana Muffins so he had something nice to take into school. This, you understand, was when he was in a Speech and Language Unit – a class of 8.

Now he has transitioned back to mainstream school and he’s in a class of almost 30. But of course I’m still going to make Banana Muffins for his class… aren’t I?

Well actually it’s pretty simple with this Easy Banana Muffins Recipe, slightly adapted from the one I saw some time ago on This Mummy’s Blog.  I use the recipe to make Mini Muffins as 30 little muffins easily fit into my extra special Rose-covered Cath Kidson bowl with lid (don’t you know).

Mini Banana Muffins
Mini Banana Muffins. Yum.

I have to say this morning I was thinking “How have I got myself into this? I really don’t have time to do this today”. However I’d forgotten one of the best things about this recipe: you can throw it all together in a few minutes using only one bowl, a bowl which you can pop into the microwave and on/off the scales (if you have the kind of scales you can put a bowl onto) and there’s only one bowl to wash up.

And I have to admit I enjoyed doing it, albeit at breakneck speed this time. A nice change from packing parcels, sorting out orders, Christmas and cyber wotnot.

This is enough to make 30-32 mini muffins – enough for all the children, a teacher and a teaching assistant in fact!


125g butter or margarine, or 50/50 butter & margarine if you like

150g caster sugar

Few drops vanilla extract

1 egg, beaten

2-3 over-ripe bananas, mashed

190g self raising flour

60ml semi skimmed milk


around 32 mini muffin cases.

Banana Mini Muffins
Mixing in the flour with the wet ingredients

What you do:

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees, or 180 if you have a fan oven. Put a glass bowl on your scales and measure out the butter & sugar. Microwave it for about 30 seconds until the butter has melted. Mix the melted butter and sugar together, add the vanilla extract, the mashed bananas, the beaten egg and the milk.

Finally fold in the flour being careful not to over-mix as that can take the lightness out of the muffins.

Fill the mini muffin cases almost to the top and line them up on a baking tray.

Banana Mini Muffins
All ready to go to school tomorrow

Bake for 15-18 minutes (start checking after 15 minutes to ensure they don’t catch).

Voila! Banana Mini Muffins for the whole class.

The other great thing about these muffins is they have a high banana content and stay moist for a couple of days. So baking them the day before is no problem – they’ll still be yummy on the all important birthday.

If you want to make them into full size muffins then the ingredients will make about 12-14 depending on the size of your cases. Big ones will take more like 20 minutes to cook but, again, keep checking them after 17 to ensure they don’t catch.

I hope our big boy has a lovely birthday tomorrow. I just can’t believe he will be 11 years old… where on earth does the time go?

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