Molo Black Flowering Caroline Dress Outfit – Get The Look!

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Molo has matched their Black Flowering Caroline Dress with Stefanie Baby Leggings in this amazing picture. We love it, in fact it was my favourite lifestyle shot in the whole collection!

Molo Black Flowering Caroline Dress Stefanie leggings
Molo Black Flowering Carolline Dress & Stefanie Leggings… how cute?

Molo’s Black Flowering Caroline Dress features an all-over floral print on a black background with black trim. Price £29.95, the dress is made from 90% cotton and 10% elastane for a perfect fit.

The Graphic Stribe Stefanie Leggings have black and white stripes and contrasting stitching and are £18.95. They are made from 92% cotton and 8% elastane for a good fit and a bit of stretch. With a comfortable elasticated waistband, this is a fab little pair of leggings which will go with lots of other things too!

The little girl is also wearing a Molo Graphic Bow Hair Band, colour ‘Purpur’. Unfortunately we sold out of these in about a day (note to self: must buy more hair accessories) but if you have a Google about you might be able to find one!

If you prefer to buy the Molo Black Flowering Caroline dress and Stefanie Graphic Stribe leggings together you’ll find the 2 piece set here.



Molo Autumn Winter 2014 – Crisis Averted

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The prom on Friday morning. The temptation to play hooky was enormous…

We had an unexpected night away in Brighton on Friday.

I’d been at the 2014 Digital Marketing Day organised by the wonderful Sussex Business Bureau, in a hotel on Brighton Seafront. I watched the sun sparkling on the sea, went to marketing seminars and networked. As you do.

In-between juggling emails and texts about the inevitable drama unfolding back at the shop.

According to me, something always goes wrong when I take a day out from our business. This leaves Andy to deal with the fall out, and I send myself on a guilt trip. Then I say ‘never again am I going anywhere in the week’.

Of course these dramas happen all the time whether I’m there or not. However my self-confessed control freakery as a mother/wife/business owner dictates that the shop/warehouse/home is bound to fall apart without me, so I really must be there at all times.


Usually this prompts me to leave the event early, only to find the crisis is all over by the time I get home.

Sometimes it’s good to do something different.

The hotel reception confirmed they had a family room for that night including breakfast. Jonty loves posh hotel breakfasts because he gets to eat ham. And that is jolly exciting.

We do have ham at home by the way. He could have it for breakfast every day if he wanted to. But he only wants it for breakfast when we stay away at a posh hotel.

So in between sorting out the latest crisis, Andy chucked a change of clothes and a toothbrush for each of us in a bag, arranged to pick Adam up early from school, then drove on to pick Jonty up from school, then drove to Brighton.

When I came out of the last seminar my very favourite people in the world were sat there with a bottle of wine on ice for the grown-ups, sausages, chips and big grins on their faces.

Do your children sleep well in hotels? Ours don’t. But that was more than made up for by shopping in the evening after tea (also very exciting), walks on the beach and… ham for breakfast.

This is the closest we’ve come to ‘flying off to Rome at a moment’s notice’ in all the years we’ve known each other. I even bought some prawns and 2 dressed crabs at one of the fishing huts to have for dinner on Saturday night. Adam then spent the trip home claiming he could hear them moving about in the back of the car, despite my assurances that he couldn’t because they weren’t the kind of crabs that you catch with a net and a bucket.

Brighton Shellfish Oyster Bar
This is where I bought crabs & prawns. Fabulous. Go there.

Anyway you may be wondering what the crisis was. The next Molo Autumn Winter 2014 delivery turned up, only we’re not supposed to have it yet. The upshot was that we are not allowed to put anything on our site until Tuesday. So a mahoosive Molo delivery is hiding in our warehouse under cover of darkness.

I’ve no idea what time on Tuesday we’re allowed to reveal our secret.  I’m not even sure I’m supposed to tell you about it.

Just call me Miss Moneypenny.

So if you’re a Molo fan, you could have our What’s New page open and keep refreshing it from now until Tuesday just in case. Alternatively, you could sign up for Little Sunflowers News and Offers (what, you’re not already?) and we’ll let you know when it goes live.

Happy Sunday.



Molo Sale to make space for Molo AW 2014 – ends Monday

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Molo Sale now on!

(Well a mini please-help-yourself-to-Molo-to-create-space sort of event.)

Happy Thursday. It’s pouring with rain outside this morning but the sun is scheduled to make a re-appearance very soon, or that’s what the weather man told me. Which is just as well as I rather got used to the glorious weather over the weekend.

Molo Kids Sale 20 Percent Off
Molo Kids Sale! 20% off, ends Monday

You may not believe this but (brace yourself) Molo Autumn/Winter 2014 is due to start leaving Denmark in a couple of weeks and so we expect to have our first delivery very soon. It’s true!

This is what is known as the Molo pre-delivery AW2014. It’s a small collection which comes first, a sort of taster for the main collection you might say, the first delivery of which is due in late June 2014. Nevertheless it is technically part of the Molo Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, and it will be here by the end of May at the absolute latest.

So as we look around the warehouse we realise that we’re going to need more space. Pronto. Molo Sale anyone?

Enjoy 20% off Molo Kids clothing for the next 5 days until Monday 12 May! Come on, clear us out!

Enjoy and have a lovely rest of week.