Molo Kids Rainbow Hopla Jacket

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At Little Sunflowers we always take Molo’s iconic Rainbow outerwear jacket and for Autumn/Winter 15 it will be available in the Hopla shape in a winter weight.

For Autumn/Winter 2015, Molo offers an extensive collection of outerwear in its ‘Urban’ range and Hopla is part of that collection. Urban products measure up to the strictest demands placed on functional outerwear in Scandinavia and are recommended by the Danish consumer authority magazine ’Think’* (similar to the UK’s Which Consumer Magazine). The styles in the urban group have been developed based on several years’research and in-depth tests to ensure the optimisation of quality, lining and design.

Molo Kids Rainbow Jacket Hopla
Molo Kids Rainbow Jacket – Hopla

The Hopla Jacket is wind and waterproof and is highly breathable – among the best on the market. Breathability is important because this fabulous jacket draws moisture out, away from the child:

– Water column 10.000 mm
– Breathability 8.000 g/m²/24 hours

The outerwear is lined with 3M Thinsulate, which makes the jacket especially warm and lets the body breathe while still staying soft and light. This outerwear is lined intelligently, meaning that it is lined with fleece in the important places to make it warm and comfortable, and the nylon lining at the end of the legs and sleeves makes it easy to get on and off.
Molo Kids Hopla Jacket

The fleece in the jacket is high quality and allows the body to breathe. All seams essential to waterproof the garment are taped. The outerwear can be tumbled dry or placed in the airing cupboard at a low temperature. However it is recommended that you keep tumble drying or placing it in a drying cupboard to a minimum for optimal product care.

The Molo Kids Rainbow Hopla Jacket can be washed at 30 degrees. All printed colours including Rainbow are made from 100% polyester, with a 100% polyester lining and interlining.

Molo Rainbow Coat Hopla
Molo Hopla Jacket – Technical Features

As always, the gorgeous Rainbow coat has reflective piping and stars to ensure your child is highly visible. Always easy to pick them out in the playground in the winter gloom! Molo use a fluorine-free solution as a durable water-repellent treatment – they do not allow any harmful substances in their products. They have carried out several tests at independent testing institutes which have demonstrated that the waterproofing properties of their outerwear will last even after heavy use and washing.

We expect to take delivery of our Hopla Jackets around the end of August 2015. The price for the Rainbow Hopla Jackets will be £99.99.

*A scientific and independent test of Polaris suit performed by the Danish consumer authority magazine ’Think’ in September 2011 in which it was tested to measure how waterproof it was as well as its breathability, durability, weight, reflectors, design and also evaluations from occupational therapists, teachers and mothers.

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