Handcrafted Kefir Kit

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Designer:  MAD MILLIE
Handcrafted Kefir Kit

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Handcrafted Kefir Kit by Mad Millie.

This handcrafted Kefir kit by Mad Millie contains everything you need to make your own kefir. Just add culture to milk, soy or coconut milk or juice. Then leave for 24 hours and enjoy!

The kefir starter contains eight beneficial bacteria strains, so itís good for your tummy and tastes good too. Kefir can be made without milk too as above, so those who are lactose intolerant can still reap the health rewards.

Drink on its own, pour over cereal or add to a smoothie. Whatever you choose, itís easy, simple and delicious. The included culture (2 sachets) makes up to 6 L of kefir. Your kit comes with a 1 L glass jar with lid, cheese cloth, the kefir starter culture and full instructions.

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