The Environment

We are always trying to find ways to minimise our impact on the environment. We recycle our boxes and packaging material which means that you may receive a used box or padded envelope. By doing this we reduce our waste and can pass the cost saving on to you through free delivery and gift wrapping.

If you especially want a brand new box or padded envelope when placing your order then please let us know when going through the checkout process in the ‘comments’ section.

Our boxes and packaging are sorted to ensure that they are suitable to be re-used - those that are unsuitable are offered on our local Freecycle site (check out to find yours if you haven't already!) or recycled locally. We also get some of our packaging materials from our friends on Freecycle whenever we can so that theirs is recycled.

Unfortunately we have yet to find recycled gift wrapping which is sufficiently beautiful at the right price. In the meantime therefore we use as little paper and cellophane as we can and recycle wherever possible.

(by the way we recycle all our paper, plastic, glass and drinks cartons plus we have a wormery for our vegetable peelings but you probably don't need to know that! J