White Zinfandel Wine Kit - 30 Bottles in 7 days

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Designer:  WINEBUDDY

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White Zinfandel 30 Bottle Sauvignon Blanc Wine Kit.

Slightly sweeter than normal Rose wines, this popular favourite, which is pink in colour, is a really easy drinking wine ideal for all occasions.

Not only refreshing but packed full of fruity undertones.

These ever-popular Winebuddy Wine Kits make 30x 700ml bottles of Wine in just 7 days!

Ideal for BBQs, special occasions, relaxed home drinking or giving as gifts.

This quality wine kit refill requires only 4kg of sugar plus water adding and will be ready to drink in 7 days. Equivalent strength to commercial wines: 11%.

Wine making equipment and sugar not included.

Fast delivery.

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